Monday, October 1, 2007

Tough Question 2

This tough question is several months old, but it was a good one.

Asked by my seven year old, "Mom, where did Justin Timberlake go to college?"

Now, let's not even go into why my son knows who Justin Timberlake is. Let's concentrate on the question asked.

I know very well that while Justin might have performed at a college, he has not actually attended or graduated from college. As a young child, he performed on StarSearch. He was on the Mickey Mouse Club as a preteen, singing with Christina Aguilera and Brittany Spears. I am not sure he even graduated from high school. There is no way I am going to tell my son this.

No. I take the opportunity to use my full creative right as a mother and make up my very own Public Service Announcement spot on why college is so great. I tell him that in fact I don't know WHERE he went to college. But of course he did go to college. Yes, my son now thinks that Justin Timberlake went to a four year university and studied music. His music study involved lots of different instruments and kinds of music and, by the way, a lot of math too.

I'm sure he'll figure out some day that not all successful people go to college. But he won't be hearing that from me, at least not when he's in second grade.


chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

Oh great deceiver thine mother.
Yes, it's probably best you not tell your son that JT was a drop-out but did manage to become an extremely popular billionaire who dated the likes of Cameron Diaz before his 25th birthday.
Some things are better left unsaid.
Or, in your case, blatantly lied about.

Anonymous said...

The next question is "where is the University of Rehab?".