Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Laudrymat

My town has a resident character who goes everywhere with just swim trunks on. They are nice trunks, but that is all he wears. No shoes, no shirt. It doesn't mean no service because I've seen him getting coffee at the local chain. He does have lots of tattoos and a very fit body. He wears eye glasses, but they don't count as clothing.

I ran into Mr. Barefoot today at the laundrymat. I don't hang out there real often, but when I have a garbage bag full of clothes that my kids wore while tromping through poison oak and a creek, I like to wash them somewhere other than my own washing machine.

I wonder what Mr. Barefoot could possibly be washing at the laundrymat? Maybe an extra pair of trunks? Maybe he wears clothes to bed? I tried to spy on him a bit, but couldn't tell what was in his washer. It did appear to be a small amount of clothing. When he started doing jumping exercises in front of the washer, apparently using the laundrymat as a barefoot gym as well, I couldn't stop giggling and had to look away. I mean, I like to multitask, but that's a little weird.

Mr. Barefoot then dashed out the door, into the chilly air, still in only trunks. I had to see what car he got into. It was what I least expected: a late model minivan!

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chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

I can't believe barefoot man drives a minivan.
I think he used to drive an old bug in high school.
That's the car I'd still be expecting him to drive.
Are you ready for Peru?