Thursday, September 6, 2007

Traffic School

I admit it. I got a ticket recently. Not like it is any big secret. All three of my boys were in the car with me when I was pulled over.

I haven't gotten a ticket in about 20 years. I had no idea that police officers are so young now! As he pulled me over, the boys all sat very straight, not saying a word. The officer explained why he pulled me over, etc., and then went on to explain that I qualified for traffic school and that my ticket would then "go away."

HA! I said. You see those three kids in the back? This ticket will never ever go away.

After the officer left and we pulled back in to traffic, one of my sons asked me, "Should we tell Dad about this, or not?" After a momentary pause, I told him that we don't keep secrets like that in our family. My husband has gotten a ticket before (also with kids in the car) so he will understand. OK, at least we got a good teaching moment out of that.

I think that people who get minor tickets with their children in the car should get some sort of extra credit for time served.

So now I am looking at my traffic school options. I went to traffic school once before, when I was in college. It was a very long and boring affair, with the most interesting thing being my classmate with the very thick glasses who got a ticket for reading a book while driving.

Things have improved since then. I had no idea! My options now include:
Gay Community Traffic School
Comedy School
Cheap School
Fun N Cheap Comedy Traffic School
Saturday or Sunday Painless School
Pizza For You Comedians School
Pay N Less School
The Smart Choice Traffic School

How about Fun Painless Pizza Comedy? If I could do that one, I might even be willing to learn something.


chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

At least you weren't drunk or on drugs when you were pulled over. Or were you?

I would go with the gay community traffic school or the pizza for you comedians one.

Do they have cheap gay comedy traffic shcool with pizza?

The Big Boss said...

No, I was pulled over for tailgating, while going up hill and under the speed limit. Hey, want to go to traffic school with me just for fun? Maybe you can bank it for your next ticket!

chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

Last time I went to traffic school I was pregant with Liam. He was 6 days overdue and I had to sit on a pillow the whole class. So you might say my kid was in the car with me when I was pulled over too.

WorstNightMare said...

Tailgating? My my my...what are we going to do with you! :-)