Monday, September 17, 2007

Over Multi Tasking

What happens when you are cleaning up dinner dishes, helping three kids with homework, trying to serve dessert, thinking about conflicting soccer and football practice times, making sure everyone is showered, listening to a practice campaign speech for 5th grade class rep, catching up with your husband about the day, overseeing your seven year old trying to find a typing game on the internet, creating a library volunteer matrix for school, and also getting a head start on snacks for the week by boiling up some hard boiled eggs?

Something's got to give.

I forgot the eggs on the stove.

Ever wonder what happens if you really really HARD boil eggs so much that the water evaporates out of the pan? Let me tell you. They make an odd popping noise that is unidentifiable from across the house. They explode, sending bits of egg and shell around your just cleaned kitchen. And they stink. I mean really reek. I'm surprised the smell has not woken up my husband.

I think I'm going to throw the whole thing outside and call it a day.


chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

You mean you weren't getting ready for the surfing extravaganza too?

Anonymous said...

Well you have me there. It is probably the only kitchen disaster I have never experienced. I think I'll start filming mine so it will make you feel better.


Janine said...

Thanks for sharing your blog. I love your stories, you have a great sense of humor and your boys are very cute too!!

I have a small confession, I too have a blog and write about my boys...but they are much younger of course.

It's great to see what older boys do. And the egg story, too funny.

The Big Boss said...

So when you leave the eggs and the pot outside, something actually gets in there and eats the eggs. Disgusting!