Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Moving Up Day

My boys have a day at school right before they are out for the summer called Moving Up Day. They get to visit the classrooms and teachers of the grade they will be in the next year, getting a glimpse of what is in store for them. The day gets them excited for the new things that lie ahead, and helps the transition go a little smoother.

Today was a Moving Up Day of sorts in my family. We had our first orthodontist appointment and our first football practice.

There was bad news and good news at the orthodontist. The bad news: yes my nine year old needs braces.

The good news: he doesn't need the braces until he's in seventh grade.

Our orthodontist (that sounds weird, I never had braces myself) has the best implementation of technology in his office that I've ever seen in a medical office. The self check-in for the kids, the digital pictures, the large display with the x-ray image of my son's mouth, it was all kind of fun, and super efficient. ( I'm sure we'll be paying for that wow factor, but not for another three years!

Then my oldest son had his first football practice. There is bad news and good news here too. The good news (I think) is that he made the team (his school has a no-cut policy). I've been told that flag football is a non-contact sport. However, he was playing this non-contact sport in PE last year and chipped his permanent front tooth on another boy's tennis shoe. This is not the kid that needs braces either. The bad news is that our dinner table conversation as of tonight consists of all kinds of crazy-sounding mumbo jumbo that I can't understand. It's like everyone in our house except me learned pig latin over night. Then the schedule comes out of the backpack and I realize, I AM GOING TO HAVE TO GO TO A FOOTBALL GAME AND MY SON IS ACTUALLY GOING TO BE PLAYING IN IT. My faithful blog readers will remember my one experience at a football game. I thought that was going to be my last game for a good long time. Somehow I don't think I can get away with knitting during my son's game.

I am going to have to learn about football now. Having and raising children can push you in all sorts of unexpected and challenging ways. I wonder if this is how my athletic brother-in-law feels as he plays Barbies, listens to High School Musical, and paints his toenails with his two daughters.

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