Sunday, September 2, 2007

Almost 24 Hours Gone

Well now we are on the plane at least. But the flight is retarded again due to four idiots who checked their bags and then fell asleep somewhere and didn’t get on the plane. Another hour delay, and we finally take off at 3:00 am. One of the highlights of our time in the airport: watching a man in a bright blue suit, who was refused entry into France; try to break out of limbo-land. We saw him wandering the inner hallway of the airport, unable to get out by legal means. He talked to several people. Then he talked on his cell phone. He looked nervous. Then he talked to a maid, mopping the floors. Soon after talking to the maid, he waited for a quiet moment when there were no official-looking people around, and pressed a code into a keypad and gained entry into the area we were sitting. About seven other people witnessed this. He just carried his bag with him like he knew where he was going. He was then stuck in the area we were in, and was looking for a way out, nervously talking on his cell phone once in a while.

We made sure he didn’t get on our flight.

Our pilot this evening is retiring. He has his children and wife and a couple of grandchildren riding along on his last flight. I feel really safe. I would go and talk to his wife about raising five boys, but I’m so darn tired that I can’t get up from my seat. Maybe it is the Tylenol PM.

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