Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sports Survival

I like the Starbucks cups with "The Way I See It" quotes on them. They make for some interesting conversations. My favorite one is #252. It just speaks to me.

Give me world politics, gender politics, party politics or small-town politics . . . I'll take them all over the politics of youth sports. ––Brenda Stonecipher, Everett Washington City Council Member, a wise woman who is also probably a mother of a child involved in club soccer or Little League.

The other day I was wearing a shirt for the Nine Year Old All Stars Little League team. A woman came up to me and said, "Oh I've spent a lot of time at Quito games." She went on to tell me how she has three boys. They all played baseball. I quickly asked her, any advice for me? Maybe she could offer me the holy grail of surviving innumerable sporting events. Her advice? "Just enjoy it. If they play football you will be sitting there for six hours at a time."

Umm, football? I hope not. I don't like football and can't understand what they are doing dodging around on the field anyway. Even my husband has learned that if he watches football on TV he has to do so with the volume off or I come unglued. The only NFL game I have ever been to, I brought my knitting. I embarrassed my husband, not an easy feat. I got a lot done on that scarf despite rude people trying to edge by me with overfilled beers. I don't think I'll have to go to another game.

Yes, she explains, "I had one on varsity and one on JV. One game right after the other." I regard her with sympathy, but she's got a smile on her face. Then she tells me her oldest, who is 33 years old, is still playing baseball and is on an All Stars team.

My god, it never ends! I must take her advice to heart. Just enjoy it. I think I better learn to become a sports fan. Maybe I should start by learning the rules.


Anonymous said...
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The Big Boss said...

That whole Back to Africa thing will have to be the topic of an upcoming blog. We'll have to knit together at some future boy event.