Saturday, August 11, 2007

Boy Moments in Montana

We are in Montana for a family friend's bar mitzvah. These friends moved to the town of Whitefish a year ago, and there are something like 30 families visiting and attending the ceremonies. Some of the families we have known since our children were in preschool together.

Last night we went to a big family BBQ at the almost-complete home of the family who lives here. The boys enjoyed a rousing game of what they called "dirt football" which basically consisited of hurling big handfuls of fine dusty Montana dirt at each other. They have never had a better time. One boy, usually clean and put together, came over and completely freaked his mother out by shaking his thick head of usually brown shiny hair and creating a cloud of dust around him exactly like the PigPen cartoon. She was wearing a white outfit, so she made a hasty retreat and we instructed all the boys to not come near us. The boy was delighted, saying "This is SO fun!" They all had dirt everywhere, including in their ears. I think when the group returned to the hotel, we tested the limits of the hot water capacity.

Tonight we attend the bar mitzvah ceremony, an important rite of passage. My boys have never been to such an event, celebrating a boy in this manner. I look forward to lots of good discussion.


chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

Why would a mother of a boy dress their son in white?
I've never been able to get away with it.

The Big Boss said...

The mom was wearing white, not the son. I can't seem to get away with wearing white myself unless I will be far away from my kids!